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Animal advocacy group trying to locate homes for rescued pets
- Please helps us find them loving homes. Dozens of animals set for euthanasia can be rescued. Previous visits to the Gaston County Animal Shelter one by one, as animal lovers from all over North Carolina clapped and fussed over them. A parade of dogs and cats, all of them just escaped either the gas chamber or a lethal injection.

We will place for adoption each of these dogs. Some are listed on this page and the rest are listed at Help Save One. So if you are interested in fostering or adopting PLEASE contact us 704-333-6009 or by e-mail. Seven dogs and three cats were pulled from the Gaston County Animal Shelter, on the day they were scheduled to die.

The mass adoption came courtesy of Help Save One, a Rhode Island animal rescue group that regularly pulls unwanted pets from Gaston and other shelters before routing them to new homes. But the supporters who attended Friday's event did so to speak out against the use of carbon monoxide gas in animal euthanasia, as well as to raise awareness about irresponsible pet owners. Help Save One adopted 22 dogs and cats from the animal shelters in Gaston and Lincoln counties.

The mixed breeds that were pulled all bounded with energy as they were coaxed into crates for transportation elsewhere. Chuck Vachris, owner of Discount Pets in Mount Holly and Grateful Pets in Charlotte, has offered to groom and temporarily board each animal at discounted prices.

WCNC Charlotte:
Animal lovers rescue dozens of animals set for euthanasia

Care2 Article:
Care2 Members Fight Against Gas Chambers in North Carolina

Help Save One

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Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville, Indian Trail, Marshville, Matthews, Monroe, Pineville, Waxhaw, Weddington...are all within reach of Grateful Pets Professional Dog & Pet Grooming

Dog Grooming in Charlotte NC

Dogs that Have Been Adopted
Dog Grooming in Charlotte NC Tag #L12 - Male - What's My Name? Aren't I gorgeous? I have a really nice personality and am ready for a home as I am neutered and vaccinated!
Dog Grooming in Charlotte NC Cowboy is a 10-12 week old puppy who was dumped at a high volume gassing shelter in NC Animal Control over the weekend.

Someone must have cared at least a bit for him, because he was wearing a collar, and wiggles and wags with any attention. But he was not fed properly, and a nutritional deficiency caused his front legs to bow-in, so he now walks on his "knuckles" rather than on his feet. He will need a special diet and lots of vet care to have a chance of leading a normal life.
Dog Grooming in Charlotte NC Male - I know my name now....My friends Phyllis & Kelli named me Lucky Panda and they think I can still have a good life. I have a very serious heart condition. Whoever adopts me has to be willing to know that they may not have me long. I am having blood work and x-rays done but my heart murmur is a grade level 5 out of 6.
Dog Grooming in Charlotte NC Tag # 362 - Female - What's My Name? I just got spayed and all my vaccinations done. Please consider me for adoption. I LOVE other dogs and am REALLY sweet! This girl has a lot going on, she is POSITIVE for Heartworms, Hookworms & Whipworms. She also has the beginning of Mastitis. She is on Panacur for 5 days for her parasites, Cephalexin for her Mastitis, and Rimadyl for her pain. All of these meds have already been started.
Male Shepherd/Husky- I know my name! Dennis named me BUDDY and he sponsored me! I am a great kid and on Thursday I was neutered and all my vetting was done. I am available for adoption!

As a Pet Grooming business and Pet Store we made a commitment to providing the Best Service through supplies and knowledge in matching all different types of pets with families. In this quest we made a conscious decision not to sell dogs or cats. Although we have great contacts with all types of Breeders we believe in full support of Humane Society & Animal Shelters to find homes for those sweet animals.

We ask that you support our efforts by not buying dogs or cats from pet stores.

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